The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has one of the most technologically advanced phone cameras on the market. It has a dual aperture to switch between lighting with ease, whether it’s bright or dark, day or night. You can also create your own Emoji with an Augmented Reality version of yourself. Add in superior surround sound and you have a device that does it all, right in your pocket.

You invested a lot in your Samsung Galaxy S9+ and you expect it to work how you want when you want. But accidents happen and your phone could get bumped or dropped accidentally, causing your device to malfunction. When this happens you need to get to and get your repair done quickly. Our skilled technicians can repair your Samsung Galaxy S9+ usually in under an hour and always with our Lifetime Guarantee. And best of all, our repair options are convenient and accessible so you don’t have to deal with mailing your Samsung Galaxy S9+ to a Samsung repair center.

Yes, that’s right. We are so confident in our repair capabilities that we guarantee all our repairs with a Lifetime Guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about when your next upgrade is, we can get your phone working as good as new, and keep it working. Your Galaxy S9+ is a brilliant device, you need a brilliant, fast repair service.


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Specifications


Color options: Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, Coral Blue

Resolution: 2960 x 1440 pixels 529 ppi

Storage capacities: 64 GB Expandable

CPU: 10nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor *2.7GHz + 1.7GHz

Size: 6.22 x 2.91 x 0.33 in

RAM: 6 GB 

Weight: 6.67oz

Front camera: Super Speed Dual Pixel,12MP AF sensor, Sensor size: 1/2.55", Pixel size: 1.4µm, Sensor ratio: 4:3, FOV: 77, Dual Aperture: F1.5 mode/ F2.4 mode

Display:  6.2" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED

Rear camera: Super Speed Dual Pixel,12MP AF sensor, Sensor size: 1/2.55", Pixel size: 1.4µm, Sensor ratio: 4:3, FOV: 77˚,Dual Aperture: F1.5 mode/ F2.4 mode


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Repairs We Carry Out


Samsung S9+ Screen Repair

Fixing a cracked or broken screen is one of the most common repairs we perform.  No matter how amazing and reliable your handheld device is, one slip can break your screen.  And when your screen is cracked or broken, your device isn’t giving you the intended capabilities.  Bring your Samsung Galaxy S9+ to one of our technicians to be fixed today!

Charging Port

If you can’t get the battery fully charged, you can’t get your 2100 minutes of talk time or 326 hours of standby that your Samsung S9+ promises.  If your phone isn’t charging properly let us take a look at it and get it fixed in no time.


When you want to talk, you need to be heard.  Which means you need the microphone on your device working properly.   We can fix that, today!

Headphone Jack

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ put your favorite headphone jack on their phone so you are able to enjoy the high-performance audio that you paid for.  If your headphone jack is malfunctioning, let one of our professional technicians get to work on it and get you back to the audio you love.

Home Button

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has superior navigation and functions that allow you to get around on your phone and multitask.  When these buttons don’t work, it’s not only frustrating, it’s wasting your valuable time.  We can fix this, usually while you wait.  Let our techs get your back to business today!

Ear Speaker

You can do a lot with your Samsung Galaxy S9+ and all the features put the world at your fingertips.  Your expectations are high so you need your phone to perform its most complex functions, and the most basic.  When your ear speaker is not working properly then you can’t perform the most basic function.  Our techs can resolve your ear speaker issue ASAP.

Side Button

The convenience of volume control and Bixby at your fingertips is a great feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9+.   If you are having trouble with the side buttons and can’t figure out why, one of our experienced technicians can fix the problem, usually while you wait.  Contact us today!


The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has reimagined the entire camera experience.  And chances are, this camera feature is one of the main reasons you purchased this phone.   If you are having any issues with your camera, let one of our technicians get it resolved for you as quickly as possible.

Power Button

All the advanced tech in the Samsung Galxy S9+ won't do you any good if you cannot even use the power button to turn your device on! When your power button is jammed or not functioning, let our expert technicians handle the problem.

Loud Speaker

The ultra-high quality of the audio playback in the Galaxy S9+ provides crisp, clear surround sound to immerse you in theater-like sound.  When your speakers don’t work properly you are missing out on one of the coolest features of your device.  Don’t delay, bring it to one of our skilled technicians today!