On-Demand Cell Phone Repairs.

We will come to you and fix your smartphone in 1 hour!

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Cell Phone Repairs in 600+ Cities in the U.S.

iCracked's team of certified, on-demand technicians will come to your door and fix your cell phone immediately. No matter the problem, our experts will fix your phone whenever and wherever you need us. 

Whether you've shattered your phone's screen or need any other type of cell phone repair, one of our trained iTechs can help. Don't worry about driving out to find us because we will come to you! No matter if it is your house or business or elsewhere on the go, we will come to you to carry out your smartphone repair in less than an hour. In fact, all of our cell phone repairs are guaranteed to come with our lifetime warranty. 

When it comes to getting your iPhone fixed or repairing your Samsung Galaxy, we know that it can be a huge pain and time sink. It's bad enough that your phone is broken and not in use, but now you've got to waste your time running all over town to drop off your phone at a local repair shop and find time to pick it up later in the week. But it doesn't have to be that way. iCracked's team will meet you when and where you need us - so you don't have to interrupt your daily schedule - and we'll diagnose and repair your cell phone within 60 minutes. Easy as that!

We ensure quality cell phone repairs every day - that's why our each member of your team is subject to background checks, a rigorous interview process, and numerous certification requirements. So you can trust that we have the best people possible to fix your smartphone.  In fact, you never have to worry about the quality of your smartphone repair with iCracked. Every cell phone repair we perform is backed by our lifetime warranty - no matter where your repair takes place. 

If your phone is damaged, we can fix it. Our phone repairs cover cracked screens, malfunctioning ports, faulty home buttons, power failures, speaker issues, battery trouble and much more!

Contact us today and get your cell phone fixed quickly. Let us know the problem, where and when you need us, and we'll meet you there!

Cell Phone Repairs in Under 1 Hour!

Step 1

Everything is not as it should be. You're experiencing some issues with your cell phone, whether that's a cracked screen or malfunctioning charging port. Let us know about your device and the issue and we'll find an iTech to meet you.

Step 2

Find your happy place! Our iTechs travel to you and meet you at a time a place that's convenient for you. No need to rush around town or wait for a tech at a brick and mortar store. We work around your schedule!

Step 3

Check your watch, less than 60 minutes later and your cell phone repair is done and your beloved device is working like new. Oh, and with a lifetime warranty! Why didn't you call iCracked sooner?

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May 1, 2017

"iCracked is the most convenient way to get your iPhone fixed." -Good Morning America

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"iCracked is seriously the best as these repairs. The service and professionalism their techs deliver is the reason we have been using them for two years every time we have a repair need. They are always on-time, diligent with their work, and kind in their interactions with you. Thank you so much!"

Lori C. Greensboro, NC

"Great service! Came to me, worked around my schedule, and did a great job. Replaced my screen and battery and now my phone's like new again. All for less than Apple would charge and I didn’t even have to leave my dorm. The tech was very friendly and went out of his way to help. What more could you ask for?"

Kevin B. Louisville, KY

"This is the second time I've cracked my screen in 7 months. iCracked was on-time and the technician who repairs my phone was very friendly. He even made sure every piece of my phone was working after the repair. I have nothing but good things to say about iCracked!"

Erin W. Alexandria, VA