Introduced in 2016, the iPhone SE was positioned as a successor to the iPhone 5S with upgraded hardware found in the iPhone 6S. Despite the iPhone SE’s nature as a piece of technological wonder (and its mindboggling price), everyone’s a bit careless sometimes. Maybe you dropped it down the stairs one day, or maybe it took a dive in the pool.

Whatever the problem, we have a fix for it. Broken screen? Busted camera? Jammed buttons? Our crack team of on-demand repair technicians will have your iPhone back in good health in no time at all. Click repair iPhone SE to get your repair started.




Color options: Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Resolution: 1136 x 640

Storage capacities: 32/128GB

CPU: Apple A9 with 64-bit architecture

Size: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm


Weight: 4.0 ounces 

Front camera: 1.2MP

Display: 4-inch Retina Display

Rear camera: 12MP


Here's What We Can Fix


Cracked Screen

If your iPhone SE’s display suffered some damage, let us know. We’ll send one of our expert repair technicians anywhere you want to fix your phone.

Charging Port

If your charging port isn’t working, check to see if anything is obstructing it. If all seems good, let us know and we’ll get your iPhone up and running again in no time.


If you’re hearing a lot of what?s while talking on the phone, there’s a good chance that there’s something wrong with your mic—or you’re just really soft-spoken. Check and see if dirt or dust is stuck in it, as this can cause fuzzy or crackling noises. If cleaning it doesn’t work, contact us and we’ll fix the problem for you.

Headphone Jack

There’s something so frustrating about having an iPhone and not being able to listen to your music. If staticky or no sound at all is coming from your headphones or ear buds, check for any dust or debris that may be causing interference. If nothing is found, give us a heads up and we’ll take care of it.

Home Button

A nonfunctional home button means switching between apps can be very troublesome—or even impossible. Dirt or grime can be the cause of a stuck home button, but just as often, it could just be a hardware issue. Click “repair my iPhone SE” above and we’ll send someone your way to take a look.

Ear Speaker

Having difficulty hearing people on calls thanks to fuzzy, crackling, or staticky noises? Your ear speaker is probably in need of a repair. Fortunately for you, fixing ear speakers on iPhones is like second nature for us.

Side Button

Controlling your iPhone’s volume becomes very inconvenient when your side buttons are on the fritz. Inspect and clean the area around the buttons for residue, dirt, or other grime that could be causing them to stick. If your iPhone’s hygiene is up to par, let us know—there’s probably something that needs fixing.

Front/Rear Camera

If either of your iPhone SE's cameras are acting wonky, let us know. We’ll send an iTech to your location, or a location of your choice, to fix it.

Power Button

The iPhone’s power button is pretty vital to the process of locking and powering it on and off. If yours refuses to budge when pressed, you might be dealing with grime or other residue complicating matters. Clean it off and, if that doesn’t work, let us know. We’ll fix it right up.

Loud Speaker

Is your speakerphone conversation with your friend being hindered by weird crackling sounds? Your loud speaker is likely on its last legs. Contact us and we’ll send a repair technician your way to install a replacement.